Donnerstag, Februar 28, 2013

Light brown Glueless Wig

Hallo, meine Süßen! Heute würde ich euch einen Text über Perücke teilen. Ich sehe das Video vom Viola Blog. Ich finde, es sieht schön aus.  :) 
Ihr Text:
Hello, Sweetie:
Because many friends can't understand German, I deside to write my blog in English from now on! Hope you like. <3
Anna, one of my best friends, bought a wig yesterday. It's a virgin full lace wig, really amazing, we all love it. But you know, expensive. Anan said, Virgin wigs are more expensive than other wigs. I really love her wig.
Today I see many Youtuber have videos about wigs, some are really gut, but some are really...eeeeee.... There is a Youtuber, I think she looks like Kim Kardashian. And her wig is like Kim Kardashian, of course Kim Kardashian is more beautiful than her.
And I want to buy a wig like her. How about this light brown Glueless Wig?


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